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Lavazza Blue

LAVAZZA BLUE - perfect coffee in a modern style.

The success of LAVAZZA BLUE system was laid in 1989 when LUIGI LAVAZZA Company presents its first Espresso Point machine. Its single capsule serving - perfect for making coffee - brought higher-quality espresso to the world. Its sharp Pininfarina design and compact size that adapts to any space, sealed its international success.

Later, in 2004, Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. company provides a new, totally unique series BLUE - Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso. Elegant Pininfarina design, advanced technology, exceptional quality and easy preparation. That was the key to success of LAVAZZA BLUE.
Also therefore LAVAZZA BLUE system found its application in small cafes, bars, offices, households, as well as at airports, stations, subways, etc.

LAVAZZA BLUE means easy and smooth preparation of a genuine LAVAZZA espresso  from special capsules, which ensure maximum flavor and freshness of LAVAZZA coffee. Thanks to a patented method of preparation and to the best blends of LAVAZZA coffee you will always get top results - full coffee with a thick, rich foam and strong flavor. Espresso LAVAZZA BLUE is prepared to reveal to you the taste of the world. Discover all the advantages of LAVAZZA BLUE.